We took a leap and landed in the South.


Two weeks ago we took a leap and launched a 10 day #GreaterThings fundraising campaign. Last week we ended that campaign and though we did not reach our goal of 30 new partners @ $30/month, we gained $430 in monthly support from 12 new partners. We are really excited about that!

And we are excited about all the new opportunities that have been opening up to us; opportunities to connect the call of God in the Netherlands to church leaders and bodies of believers throughout the United States. Seeking out those opportunities has brought us now to the South – more specifically to Georgia, Florida and Tennessee – for the next several weeks. Please pray with us that God opens up even more opportunities as we step out in faith and expectation.

Meanwhile, the work in the Netherlands continues. We’re really excited in the coming weeks to tell you about our latest project, “The Life Center”. We’re working with an amazing team of people over there to coordinate the launch of this Dream Center-inspired ministry and we’re already beginning to see it bear fruit – and we haven’t even officially opened!

Keep praying. Keep believing. Keep trusting in the God of greater things!