We’re Here!

We’re Here!

Most days its still very hard to believe. What a crazy 12 days its been since we arrived. Let me give you the rundown on what the transition has been like thus far.

The Flight

Thank you all for praying for us when we departed New York on May 10. The flight was very smooth. The boys were very good and were able to catch some sleep. We arrived in Amsterdam safely (and with all our luggage!) at 11am local time. Waiting for us were friends and missionary colleagues of ours, ready to greet us and take us to our temporary home in the city of Heerhugowaard.

Our (Temporary) Home

For at least the next year we will be partnering with a local Dutch Assemblies of God church, Sjaloom Pinkstergemeente. What a blessing this church has been already! We have not had a need yet that someone in this church has not been ready to fill. The added bonus of calling this church home for the next year is that until we find a place of our own, we can literally call it “home”. They have a 2 bedroom flat (apartment) in the church in which they are allowing us to live as we go about the business of getting settled here in Heerhugowaard. The picture above is of the stairs in this flat – very typical for Dutch homes. It almost feels as though you’re ascending a ladder!
This next year at Sjaloom will be marked by transition, general ministry and full-time, intense language study.The Current Agenda
Before us now are three main targets that put us on the fast track to really being settled here. The first is our appointment with the immigration office on Friday. The second is securing a home to rent, which also will should be decided by Friday. The third is purchasing our car with the Speed the Light money our New York District youth groups raised for us – which could be done on Friday. So a lot happens on Friday! Please keep those 3 things in prayer.

A Big Day

Today (Wednesday, May 23) is a pretty big day for us for two reasons. First, it is our 4th wedding anniversary! A crazy/wonderful four years and I (Chris) couldn’t be more thankful for my wife and more aware now than ever that I married up!
The second reason that today is a pretty big day is that it marks for us the longest period of time that we have ever been in Holland. This is an awesome thing to realize and I draws our thoughts and this email down to one final truth – we are here because God sent us through you.

Thank you.

Keep a look-out for more updates coming soon!