Waiting for the Music

Trinitas Highschool
Trinitas Highschool

So, as I’ve said before, the kind of move that we made exactly 2 months ago today has the tendency to throw off your rhythm of life. Now, don’t worry, we’re getting it back 🙂 but that’s not what I want to tell you about today.

When life finds its rhythm again, so does your heart. And when that happens the world slows down just enough for you to notice the people and the needs all around you.

Recently, at around 10am, Rebecca went to the supermarket in town to pick up groceries. As she was leaving she noticed a 16 year old boy stumbling off his bike. He was drunk. She watched as he made his way shakily back onto the bike and down the bike path.

A few days later, I was speaking with a lady who runs a daycare just across the street from our church in Heerhugowaard. She is not a Christian but I found the opportunity to share with her our heart for being a blessing to this city and to reach out to students here.

 She said to me, “Please do something for them. I make my 14 year old son come to work with me after school just to keep him safe from drugs and alcohol that so many of his peers are into. They need something.”

We don’t consider ourselves to be “youth pastors” but it seems clear that among this generation is the most present need in Noord Holland. And it’s still the most forsaken need among those with the ability to meet it.

But God is doing a new thing here. He is speaking to His people about this generation. Plans are beginning to take shape, in the wisdom and providence of the Holy Spirit. We are heavy with a burden for these students but light-headed with hope for the life that Jesus has for them.

So it’s seems that Jesus, the Life himself is beginning a new rhythm here in Heerhugowaard. And this rhythm is kind of like an intro beat to a song that lets you know the music is about to begin. And we’re believing that when the music starts, there will be a generation standing, hands raised, giving their all to the One who gave His all for them.

But for now we work with the rhythm and wait for the music to begin