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Thinking Ourselves in Circles

So much of the intellectual/scholarly world consists of the repetitive recasting of old ideas into “new” forms. We will melt the old thing down into 10,000 words and then shape it back into the same thing it was before, only with a slight reinterpretation of a piece or a subtle change in nuance. Then we…

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Should we plant a church there?

Listen to “Should we plant a church there?” on Spreaker. What brings Christians together in the initial phase of church planting? For the sake of argument, let’s remove whatever feelings of “being called to this place” they might have. Using that phrase is often a kind of spiritual “trump card” and renders further conversation pointless…

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The “we” that empowers

There is a “we” that is empowering. People come together to achieve something bigger together. It’s never perfect, sometimes personal agendas win out over achieving the big picture. But the group dares to believe in something bigger than any one of them and they dare to set out to achieve that together. The “we” that…

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To Help them See the Stars

Peter Hitchens, a Christian and brother to the late anti-theist Christopher Hitchens, captured the soul of our situation in Europe with inspiring clarity. In an interview found in issue 64 of RELEVANT Magazine, Hitchins said this: “This is a period of great material wealth and the worships of economic growth and the century of the…

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VIDEO: Renovations at the latest project

For the second time in the last 6 weeks I’ve had to fly back to the Netherlands for a short trip. The first time was to take a videographer through our work there. This time it’s to lead a team of 20 Americans from Brightmore Church in Detroit, Michigan. In the last 6 days they…

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Chris goes on camera for AGWM

Assemblies of God World Missions is sending a videographer to the Netherlands to capture the work of the gospel there. We have been chosen to be one of the two missionaries that they are highlighting – a huge honor! That means that I (Chris) will catch a plane this Sunday afternoon (September 6) for a quick trip…

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We did not go in your place.

It inevitably happens. The pastor stands behind the microphone. The church listens. The missionary waits. Then these words resound through the sanctuary: “We cannot go to that country so we must send them in our place.” 

The missionary cringes. At least this one does. 

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We took a leap and landed in the South.

Meanwhile, the work in the Netherlands continues. We’re really excited in the coming weeks to tell you about our latest project, “The Life Center”. We’re working with an amazing team of people over there to coordinate the launch of this Dream Center-inspired ministry and we’re already beginning to see it bear fruit – and we haven’t even officially opened!

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Changing the Conversation in Europe: From UPG to SPG

I am a missionary in Europe and find that the UPG conversation serves more to confuse our mission in Europe than it does to clarify it. So, for the sake of the work in Europe, I’m changing the conversation. The unreached people group (UPG) conversation is extensive and has been championed by many as the…

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