We did not go in your place.

It inevitably happens. The pastor stands behind the microphone. The church listens. The missionary waits. Then these words resound through the sanctuary: “We cannot go to that country so we must send them in our place.” 

The missionary cringes. At least this one does. 

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We took a leap and landed in the South.

Meanwhile, the work in the Netherlands continues. We’re really excited in the coming weeks to tell you about our latest project, “The Life Center”. We’re working with an amazing team of people over there to coordinate the launch of this Dream Center-inspired ministry and we’re already beginning to see it bear fruit – and we haven’t even officially opened!

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Changing the Conversation in Europe: From UPG to SPG

I am a missionary in Europe and find that the UPG conversation serves more to confuse our mission in Europe than it does to clarify it. So, for the sake of the work in Europe, I’m changing the conversation. The unreached people group (UPG) conversation is extensive and has been championed by many as the…

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The mini-documentary is live!

Our new video that documents that last 3 years of life and ministry in the Netherlands is now LIVE! It was a joy to partner with MDG Media to make this project a reality. We hope you enjoy celebrating with us what has been accomplished for the cause of the gospel in the Netherlands. And we hope that you will continue to stand with us as we work and expect God to do even greater things, here in the North of Holland.

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VIDEO: Update on the street fight that broke out and the Gate staff who stopped it.

A few months back we told you about the street fight that broke out just outside The Gate with 150 youth and how our own Gate staff stepped in and kept it from escalating. We recently received a video of the incident and wanted to share that with you. 

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The day we knew it was worth it

The first time he said it, I won’t lie, I cried a little. 

We were just pulling back into our city after a long trip when from the back seat we hear a sigh of relief from our 5-year old son as he says, 

“We’re back in our place!”

Rebecca and I looked at one another and knew exactly what the other one was thinking: “it was worth it.” 

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