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Property update: the Great Director

If you’re just tuning in, we’ve been pursuing the purchase of a property in the village of Bergen. The pursuit is now over – here’s where it all stands. It’s been a lesson in persistence, disappointment, failure, providence and clarity. And it’s not always easy but He is always good.   (Here’s where it started:…

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Plant a church like a gardener not an architect | #FromTheLowlands 003

Plant a church like a gardener and not an architect. This is the answer that I’ve been giving, especially in these last few weeks and months, to people, when they ask, “How do you even plant a church?” Or, “How are you going to plant a church?” There’s a lot of different things that I’ve…

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Nothing changes till we shut up and do something for the glory of God | #FromTheLowlands 002

Church planting in the Netherlands is not held back by lack of finances or opportunities or strategic planning. Where it gets stuck is in the lack of church planters who are ready to step out. Pardon my rant but I hope it inspires someone.

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We have become the noise

When we look at our church congregations and see that they are graying, it is not because our music needs tweaking, our sermons need to be shorter, our kids ministries need to be better and our leaders need to be younger. Our methods are not our primary problem. Our problem is that, in our search…

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While looking for Him

Too many precious thoughts have been wasted on “project self”. Most disappointing is that waste found within the Christian community. We spiritualise it by using phrases like “finding my calling” or “pursuing my destiny”. Those are, I’m afraid, mostly masks on the same ugly face that plagues the heart of all mankind: self-centerdness. Our calling is…

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He has asked as from a king

When Alexander’s soldier was told to ask what he would, he did not ask stintedly after the nature of his own merits, but he made such a heavy demand, that the royal treasurer refused to pay it, and put the case to Alexander, and Alexander in right kingly sort replied: “He knows how great Alexander…

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